Read Mary’s story and find out just how easy it is to access Medical Finance with Chrysalis.
We make it so easy to access tailored finance solutions for a wide range of medical procedures and treatments. We are committed to providing ethical lending solutions and are the only organisation in the UK able to provide a fully FCA accredited service.

In need of a knee replacement…

I am Mary and I’m a spritely 63 years old. I had to visit my GP because I had been suffering with a bad knee.
She told me I needed to go and visit a specialist and gave me a referral letter. Though she did explain that the NHS may not be able to pay for the treatment, she advised me to go and see the consultant and find out.

Affordable treatment at just £250/month

At the hospital I registered and met a lovely surgeon who explained he thought I needed the operation but had to do a scan and have a look. He said I probably wouldn’t qualify for funding by the NHS and they wouldn’t be able to pay for this procedure but the Chrysalis people had already agreed to fund the treatment and spread the cost over a couple of years so all I would have to pay is £250 a month.

Finance approved – Simple & Easy!

I arranged the appointment for the operation. There wasn’t any paperwork and a copy of the agreement was sent to my home. Payments were collected by direct debit and the entire thing couldn’t have been easier.

Flexible solutions, suited to your lifestyle

The wonderful thing about all of this is that I could easily afford to have paid for the treatment myself, but getting my knee fixed this way meant I could spend my money on a holiday. I got to go and visit my kids in Canada! Oh and my leg is wonderful!

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Hospital Testimonial

“Working with Chrysalis has been a breath of fresh air. Their complete professionalism and knowledge of financial regulations is incomparable. It was apparent from the start that they knew what they were doing, and more importantly, they knew what we needed to do to keep on the right side of all of the regulations and legislation.”