Ethical lending at the forefront

Our management team has a background in consumer finance and healthcare. The Advisory Board comprises some of the UK’s preeminent surgeons and healthcare professionals. We only fund treatments provided by UK-based clinics or hospitals undertaken by qualified specialist consultants who are recognised and authorised by their appropriate UK Professional regulatory authority.

Our mission is to change the way elective procedures are delivered by providing a financial solution that addresses:

• Long NHS waiting lists.
• Opening up patient choice by removing cashflow and credit concerns.
• Responsible clinical conduct provided to all of our customers and patients.
• Inadequacies of the system.

Hospital Testimonial

“Working with Chrysalis has been a breath of fresh air. Their complete professionalism and knowledge of financial regulations is incomparable. It was apparent from the start that they knew what they were doing, and more importantly, they knew what we needed to do to keep on the right side of all of the regulations and legislation.”